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In 2022, it is now possible to protect your savings against changes in the exchange rate with a currency protected TL time deposit account in Turkey. By opening a currency-protected TL account, you are provided with a return on the interest rate offered to you, and your savings are protected against possible exchange rate movements throughout the term. You can also use your own foreign currency savings at attractive rates in the maturity difference, and you can keep your savings despite any exchange rate increase. If you want your savings to be protected in terms of value and to bring high interest, you should definitely contact us. All your savings are coordinated by us in Turkish banks, either on your behalf or through authorization.


A Currency Protected Deposit is a financial product that combines aspects of a traditional fixed deposit with currency risk protection. It typically involves depositing funds in a foreign currency, and the principal amount is protected against exchange rate fluctuations during the investment period. This means that at maturity, you will receive the initial deposit amount in your own currency, irrespective of how the exchange rate may have changed. While it provides a level of security against currency risk, the interest rates on these deposits are higher then the standard deposits. It’s a way for investors to mitigate the uncertainty of exchange rate fluctuations when investing in foreign currencies.


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