How We Work ?

Become an Investor Now
When you are an investor, you can benefit from the special and monthly maturity deposit income of many banks. If you notify at least 1 month in advance, you can abandon your investment or evaluate the desired income as long as it is attractive. If you want your savings to generate higher income, you should review all our special offers.

Select investment offer
You can easily benefit from the attractive and profitable rates of World banks. You can open an account in your name with the authorization document you will give us at the Turkish consulate of the country you live in, or you can evaluate your savings with the right and profitable investment rates with the investment authorization agreement in our company.

Creating an Investment Request
You can realize the investment amount you want from an account in your name, either with our company or through an account to be opened in your name in Turkey. You can become an investor by entering the reference of the relevant investment offer of the selected bank and specifying your deposit amount.

manage assets
With your investment account, you can see all your investments in your passbook and see what your fixed income is. Here you can easily see how much your maturity and income are. Withdraw money
and closing the account after at least 32 or 90 days.


What interest rates are currently available in Turkey?

With us you have exclusive access to deposit offers of World banks. Thanks to the increase in the main interest rate, our partner banks currently have an interest rate of 2.50% per month and above. You will earn more with the investment you make with us.

Are fixed deposits still worth it?
If you’ve accumulated capital and don’t want negative interest to eat up your money, then the fixed currency protected deposit is definitely worth it. This way you keep the money safely in a bank and at the same time you get minimal risk and capital security.

We are talking about a company that operates on a 100% main basis, making the most accurate analysis on attractive offers and rates by communicating with many banks in Turkey. Since 2022, we have been offering our potential and competent investors time deposits of a wide range of savings World banks. You can only benefit from the lucrative offers of World banks.

Security through currency-protected deposits
As an investor, the fact that World banks are legally protected by the deposit insurance they undertake in the account opening process reduces the risk by 100%. In addition, making a fixed-term deposit investment will keep you away from risks. All your investments will be insured individually.

Control of currency-protected deposits
Income from fixed deposits counts as income from capital assets. Accordingly, in order to protect your investment from risk and to obtain fixed monthly interest, it is absolutely necessary to remain in the deposit for 90 days. If the monthly income is desired, it is possible to be paid monthly or in bulk after 90 days.


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